Where to Traveling in Europe? Recommended 13 countries. Should travel. Easy to travel.

Traveling to Europe
Traveling to Europe

Europe is one of the most popular zones that all gold tourists visit. The current ticket promotions are not as strong as before. Incentives Causing many people that they must try But which country to travel to? Well worth the trip. This time, we have compiled a list of outstanding countries that should be visited in Europe to follow. Where will it be? Come quickly.

1. England

The land of football that all disciples around the world want to touch. I believe that many people would like to cheer the club in the heart to at least once before death. Honestly, England is a great place to visit and is becoming a popular destination for tourists in Europe. Due to the diversity in tourist attractions that are very good Being history is good. Sport line, yes Which is also the disciples of the little wizard who wants to visit the country, the birthplace of the ever popular hot novel like Harry Potter. Say that which line is here. And not just in London There are still many cities to visit without being bored. And the peak is very easy to travel. Even the first time people come to chill.

2. Italy

The land of boot shoes that comes from the shape of the country on the map that resembles the super boot shoes. Say that if talking about Europe, people must think of Italy as the top priority. On the tourism side, it’s a hot hit on the air. Both the historical landscape with the Colosseum Cathedral and ancient places of importance in the world Or is Venice that is known for the romance that these couples have come to enjoy. There is also a Venice Carnival Mask Festival which is the oldest mask festival in the world. Shopping is second to none. Luxurious brand names Say that it is another country that is fully equipped in all aspects.

3. Spain

The famous fierce bull Of course, their attraction is equally outstanding. In which the cities are quite diverse and interesting Like Madrid, which has world-class clubs The city of Toledo has a fascinating history. Andalusia With a striking white village Including the culture that is hot, whether it is bullfighting, the most magnificent of Matador. Or will be the hottest flamenco dance

4. France

Top countries in fashion Super bang shopping area And various styles of attractions It can be said that it’s a destination for avid shoppers that can’t be missed. There will also be a world-renowned landmark such as the Eiffel Tower for a glorious look. It’s not just a big city like Paris There will still be cities that are equally charming to visit. Whether it is a popular resort town such as Nice. The city of Bordeaux has a well-known quality wine. Or will be the city of Lyon with tight tourist attractions

5. Switzerland

The paradise of the famous nature that many people would like to come once in their lives, especially if you are a nature lover. Want to experience the beautiful scenery of the Alps as if entering another world. Can say that this place can definitely give you Importantly, the weather is so good that it almost wants to put in a dozen cans to go back to Thailand. There are also many other interesting places to visit in the morning and evening. Or will freeze to experience the cool atmosphere

6. Germany

The country that heard the name immediately felt the orderliness and the German beer at once. To be honest, they still have tourist attractions to enjoy without getting bored. From architecture that is of historical importance to the famous German club And that should be pleasant, it is probably a beer lover who can indulge in a wide range of beers with a lot of authentic German food. Both for traveling well, food, tasty beer, all in one place

7. Austria

A small country with stunning views that are as good as anywhere. There is also a capital city like Vienna that is known for classical music. There are not many tourist attractions. If each is cool, but also has all the nature, culture and traditions, it can be said that all the romance, both music and scenery, millions True, this sea line may be a little disappointed because it focuses on mountains without sea. But replaced by one of the most beautiful lake views in the world Especially if coming as a couple looking for a country that can travel thoroughly within a short period of time Here is the answer.

8. Czech Republic (Czechia)

Czech or full name Czech republic Another country in Central Europe that many people may have never been to. But I can say that once I go there, I will fall in love with the tranquil atmosphere. Can walk and chill and see many other historical sites Especially Prague, which has been designated as a World Heritage City Since there are a lot of old tourist sites that have been registered as World Heritage sites You will also be able to see the architecture that shows the neo-gothic art, Baroque Renaissance and Bohemian culture as well.

9. Slovakia

The country that is considered to be a horse outside of the eyes that can’t be overlooked must really give it here. Who likes tranquility Tourists are not crowded Traveled while experiencing the local people and the unspoiled nature Considered here to be considered a country that really has everything.

10. Hungary

The country is full of nature and the Danube. There are both cities with ancient and modern architecture. Can say that it is the perfect difference There are also many tourist attractions that have been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Especially the capital city like Budapest Which is reputed to be the capital city, but for the vintage and the atmosphere, it’s really worth visiting

11. Russia

The country in which beauty is brutal. With many things such as architecture or culture that are unique and unique. Focus on shapes and colors that stand out. In the photo, it is beautiful and found the real thing. Melted with real beauty. For example, if you come to Moscow, it’s not just the art or architecture of the ancient construction. He will also have street art that brings together all the art of every era, known to be the most chic.

12. Belgium

Countries located in the northwestern region Come here, guaranteed to enjoy 3 popular languages ​​in both Dutch, Wallonia and French, depending on which region we visit. But, now, with the most modern technology, the language barrier can be solved by one mobile device. The way to travel even more, because it is full of old tourist sites that have been registered as a World Heritage Site. In addition, we can chill down the streets to see their beautiful city comfortably. Due to the preservation of various architectures well Also will get to enjoy the chocolate and the delicious beer that is considered the best of Belgium that is world famous.

13. Netherlands

The Netherlands, which may be familiar with another name called “Holland”, is a country that is very famous for tulips and wind turbines to almost become a symbol of this country. Who says that Europeans aren’t friendly? Look still. Come here. It’s very open. Because the people here are pretty friendly, unlike other countries in Europe. The more the season when the tulip fields bloom, it can be said that the flowers are as beautiful as the cherry blossoms that we have seen.


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