What is Venus Freeze? How it works? Advantages, disadvantages, precautions. Who is it? How to take care of yourself before and after

Venus Freeze
Venus Freeze

With the advanced evolution of technology and innovation today Resulting in people who want to reduce fat or cellulite in areas that do not want to leave Which results in faster results than using natural methods such as dieting or exercise. Therefore, the Venus Freeze method is one of the more popular alternatives.

What is Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze is a combination of RF, multi-polar and electromagnetic (MP) waves. By releasing waves into heat energy over 40 degrees Celsius which will spread around the treatment area Acts like a workout to tighten the deep muscles.

When the fat cells under the skin are heated, it will break down into water and be excreted. The heat helps stimulate collagen production. After that, the formation of a new layer of fat that is firmer and smoother. During the process, the temperature will be adjusted appropriately and the temperature at the end should be kept constant at around 40 degrees Celsius in the area of ​​treatment.

How does Venus Freeze work?

Is the introduction of technology of fat breakdown and lifting to work together, namely

  1. PMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field) is an electromagnetic wave that helps the metabolism in the body work better. With capillary dilation Causes the fat cells to shrink and then break down into water, along with sweat and urine.
  2. Lypolsis is to drive cellulite fat out of the body and will not return. Aside from eating foods that are high in fat Until coming back to accumulate at various points In a new body.

Who is Venus Freeze suitable for?

Venus Freeze is suitable for all skin types and those who have sagging skin or have very cellulite. Want to reduce fat in areas such as face, neck, waist, belly, thighs and also helps reduce wrinkles If it is on the face and neck area, it should be treated continuously 6 – 8 times or more every 7 – 10 days. If the body is supposed to heal 8 – 10 times every 7 – 10 days.

POSITIVE about Venus Freeze

Is a complementary work that makes no wounds Not hurt And there are very few side effects By seeing results from the first attempt It is also safe because it has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand and the United States.

Negative about Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze has to be done continuously. To see the desired result and after the treatment may have a slight redness But will disappear by itself Also have to do it often To maintain.

Venus Freeze is not suitable for anyone

Venus Freeze has several limitations that should not be used on patients with the following diseases, such as cancer or tumors. Arrhythmia Inserting an artificial heart valve The thyroid gland is malfunctioning. Epileptic fever. There are open wounds in the area you want to do. Is a neurological disease Is a nerve sheath In the process of using medicine And pregnant.

Preparation before treatment with Venus Freeze

  • Must remove all jewelry or metal materials.
  • In the area to be treated with Venus Freeze, must be cleaned without any cosmetics or creams.
  • Leech Glycerin where the areas are to be treated before treatment.

Taking care of yourself after treatment with Venus Freeze.

We can return to work or routine as usual immediately after the 30 minutes of doing, often with taking pictures or measuring the proportions before doing and after doing. In order to see the results of the change more clearly.

Price of Venus Freeze

Depending on the problems of those who want to do The price ranges from hundreds per time to tens of thousands, which depends on how many points to choose and how many times to do if you want to do many points many times. The price will be high accordingly.

For the treatment with Venus Freeze will stimulate the body to restore and create new collagen. Is a standard and safe method But it takes a period of treatment To prevent errors, should only be done with a medical professional. And should not eat foods that are high in fat Will help prevent the return of fat in the skin layer in the area where done again.

This article is intended to educate readers. And cannot replace the advice of a doctor Diagnosis Or can be treated Readers should see a doctor to have the doctor check at the hospital every time. And should not be interpreted by yourself or plan your treatment by reading this article, AM always tries to update the information completely.


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