What is a Thermage? How it works. Advantages. Disadvantages, Caution, Suitable for anyone. How to take care of yourself before and after


With the passage of time, the skin is sagging with increasing age. Also, keeping the skin tightened is difficult. Although there are many brands of cream competing to be produced It has not been found that there are creams that can help solve the problem, restoring the skin to the deep layers of the skin like Thermage, which is a medical technology that provides satisfactory results. Without having to rely on surgery.

What is a Thermage ?

Thermage is the use of single-polar radio frequency. Which can be used to stimulate deeper down from the dermis layer to the muscle layer (SMAS). This wave will help the sagging collagen not tighten and shrink back. The skin that is made with Thermage will return to the tissue to be flexible and tighten again. It can lift the face, body, and reduce wrinkles without surgery. Also, the skin in the area where Thermage is made will look more hydrated and firm.

How Thermage Works

Radiofrequency energy from Thermage has a consistent heat transfer process. This heat will help strengthen the structure under the skin. In the later stages, new collagen will increase. Resulting in the skin to be strong but smooth Reduce various traces Making the pores smaller Looking youthful from the inside out Which takes only 1 hour at a time.

After doing the Thermage, some people will see the results immediately. And notice the results more clearly in the 2nd – 3rd months, with the symptoms getting better and better Because the skin will create collagen continuously and firmly lifted in the 6th month. This condition persists for 1-2 years, making it look youthful for up to 5 – 15 years. The results will depend on Individual skin types.

Who is the Thermage for?

Thermage is suitable for people who have sagging face problems. With wrinkles, deep cheeks People who have eyelids. Want to lift the eyebrows or lift the tail of the eyes and tighten the upper eyelid Dull skin is not bright. There are wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and lips. Those with skin problems wrinkling around the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and hands. Skin is not smooth as a cellulite can be done on both the face and body.

Advantages of Thermage

  • Thermage is continuously evolving and improving. Therefore quite confident that there will be no side effects in the long term.
  • Easy, convenient, fast and without any traces or injuries Able to return to work or daily life as normal.
  • Can be done on all skin tones or those with dark skin can do without restrictions.
  • One time cure Which is different from conventional lasers that have to be repeated up to 3-4 times.

Disadvantages of Thermage

There may be a slight side effect in some cases. Such as red marks or bulges But soon disappeared without any other complications.

How to take care of yourself before and after Thermage

No need for special care or precautions Either before or after doing Because can do as usual But when going out in the sun, should apply sunscreen every time And can also use various nourishing creams Or can apply as usual immediately If you want to repeat the service, you can do so at any time.

Precautions for Thermage

Do not use Thermage in patients with heart devices or have heart disease. Patients with diabetes or shingles Including women who are pregnant and currently breastfeeding.

Price of Thermage

Thermage is available at many prices depending on the individual’s problems. If you make multiple shots, this will result in an increase in the number of shots. Prices start from 980 – 3300 USD.

Thermage is considered to be an innovation that is worthwhile because it can look younger for just 1 time for a long time. But should consult a medical professional to get accurate information Although side effects have not been observed in the long term, it should give importance to the service place. Tools and equipment should also look at standards that are reliable as well. For good value for money.

This article is intended to educate readers. And cannot replace the advice of a doctor Diagnosis Or can be treated Readers should see a doctor to have the doctor check at the hospital every time. And should not be interpreted by yourself or plan your treatment by reading this article, AM always tries to update the information completely.


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