Two Pet Cats in New York are Positive COVID-19

covid 19 at cats
covid 19 at cats

Two cats in the state of New York tested positive for the corona virus COVID-19. Both became the first case in pets in the United States.

Both cats were reported to have mild respiratory illness and are expected to be completely healed. Exposure to the virus is believed to come from people in the house who live with the two cats, or the environment around the house.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that so far there is no evidence to suggest that pets play a role in the transmission of the corona virus in the country. On that basis, the owner is not recommended to do a routine corona test on his pet.

The CDC only recommends that owners not allow their pets to interact with other people or animals outside the home. Animals such as cats are asked to stay indoors, while dogs that are invited to walk routinely must be put on chains and kept at a distance of two meters from other people or animals.

Previously, a study showed that cats can contract the corona virus, but dogs do not appear to be susceptible to this virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) said it would further study the possibility of virus transmission between humans and animals.


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