“THE BOYZ” to release its first regular album “REVEAL” concept trailer


The group ” THE BOYZ “, which is about to release its first regular album “REVEAL”, has started a full-fledged comeback.

At 00:00 on the 25th, “THE BOYZ” released a trailer video of the prologue concept that gives a glimpse of the first regular album “REVEAL” through official SNS and YouTube channels. “THE BOYZ” will release a title song “REVEAL” with the same name as the album on February 10th, and will enter a major activity for the first time in about six months.

In this trailer video of about 1 minute, the sense of visual beauty and the dreamy and charismatic visuals of “THE BOYZ” members harmonize with the eyes in the background of the space where the red sunshine and the blue moonlight coexist in the background I have to.

Members hidden in the veil under the red sun and objects scattered everywhere, such as cluttered spaces, flowers, and red wool, contain meaningful messages that inspire the viewer’s curiosity. In particular, the continuous close-up shots of “THE BOYZ”, which gradually emerged in the rising moonlight, gave a strong sense of expectation, along with the gaps that had been hidden so far.

Prior to this, “THE BOYZ” released the scheduler image of the regular collection “REVEAL” at 00:00 on the 24th through official SNS, etc., and entered the countdown to full-scale comeback. “THE BOYZ” will open a variety of teaser contents, such as concept photos, track lists, and highlight medleys, starting with the album trailer video before the comeback.

The upcoming “THE BOYZ” regular collection “REVEAL” to be released on February 10th has changed with the familiarity and unfamiliarity, only with “THE BOYZ” included on both sides, and with other presence It is a work that can confirm the gap. In this album, we hope that you will be able to meet the differentiated musical colors and “Shonen Beauty” shown by “THE BOYZ”, which has shown various “Shonen” charms for each activity.

Meanwhile, “THE BOYZ” ‘s first regular album title song “REVEAL” will be distributed on major online sound source sites including Japan’s largest music site Melon at 6:00 pm on February 10th. “THE BOYZ” will appear in the MBC “2020 Lunar New Year Special Idol Star Championship” broadcast for three days on the 24th and 27th of this Lunar New Year holiday, and participate in events such as esports and horseback riding He reveals his various activities.


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