Sunset in the evening, the beauty of the “Pha Lom Sak” Phukradueng province, Loei

Pha Lom Sak
Pha Lom Sak

Watch the beautiful scenery in the evening. With a popular viewpoint that should not be missed “Pha Lom Sak” the most beautiful sunset corner of “Phu Kradueng”.

“Pha Lom Sak”, one of the famous viewpoints within Phu Kradueng National Park, Loei Province, can be considered as a gathering place of tourists who are waiting to see. “Sunset” in the evening beauty When he reached the top If not come to watch As though it hadn’t arrived.

To travel to “Pha Lom Sak” is about 9 kilometers away from the office. The side of the road is full of beautiful nature. There are 2 routes to choose from. And walking paths through waterfalls.

“Pha Lom Sak” looks like a large stone courtyard. Located in the west of “Phu Kradueng National Park” is surrounded by pine trees that are a symbol of this viewpoint. Able to stand in the wind View scenery of Nam Nao National Park And Lom Sak District Phetchabun As soon as the sun sets Will be full of tourists And many photographers Waiting to take pictures, keep the atmosphere as a souvenir.

When the sun goes down The sun will slowly slide down through the pine trees. Blue sky and orange combined Transformed into a beautiful picture Just like traveling and waiting

Repeat again In order to remember by heart If having the opportunity to come up to conquer the peak of Phu, will have to wait to see “sunset” in the evening at the “Pha Lom Sak viewpoint ” , the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in the national park … if not come to see As though it hadn’t arrived.


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