Song Da eun performing in “Heart Signal” confirms KBS weekend drama “I’ve been there”

Song Da-eun performing in Heart Signal
Song Da-eun performing in Heart Signal

Actress Song Da eun, who gained popularity on Korean Channel A “Heart Signal 2”, will appear in the KBS weekend drama “I’ve been there once”.

Affiliated firm revealed on September 22 that “Song Da-eun will appear in the KBS2 new weekend drama” I’ve been there once “.”

The drama “I’ve Got Once” depicts a unique and warm story that completes the search for happiness through the process of overcoming the ditch and crisis of divorce between parents and children.

Actress Song Da-eun made his debut in the 2011 drama “I Don’t Want to Lose” and has been working in a variety of fields including dramas, commercials, radios, and varieties to build up solid filmography.


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