Recommended a 3 day 2 night Travel to London, England by yourself.

Travel to London
Travel to London

London is the capital city of England. That has collected many tourist attractions Whether it is a historical site like the Parliament Building Buckingham Palace Big Ben clock tower Or to be a modern tourist destination like London Eyes, including leading museums such as the British Museum that are worth a visit. We therefore recommend Plan to travel to London in 3 days 2 nights with all important landmarks already. Who will increase or decrease where? Can be adjusted as needed again.

Morning : There are 5 ways to connect to London from this airport:

  • Take the Heathrow Express train line, the fare is 18 pounds (if you buy Travel Card Zone 1-6 and London Pass will not have to pay) takes 15 minutes to travel. Can travel from 05.10 – 23.25 hrs. 15 minutes, the boarding point is at Terminal 1-3
  • Take the Heathrow Connect train line. The 9 pound fare takes 25 minutes (with 7 stops before London). Can travel from 05.30 – 00.00 hrs. Buses depart every 30 minutes.
  • Blue Line MRT ( Piccadilly), fare 1.6 – 4 pounds, takes 1 hour to travel from 05.00 – 23.50 hrs. Buses depart every 5 minutes.
  • Bus National Express to stop at Victoria Coach Station costs £ 5 spent on travel can travel from 1 to 1.30 hours from 06:30 to 19:00 hrs. Buses leave every 20 minutes.
  • Taxi fare between 45-75 pounds takes 45 minutes to travel.

When arrived in London Traveled to leave luggage at the hotel that has been reserved After that he traveled to Buckingham Palace. To watch the military parade and shuffle the duty Along with visiting inside By taking the Tube train to St. James Park Station. When finished, find lunch around that area.

Afternoon : Still staying in that area. With a visit to Westminster Abbey, an ancient church dating from 616, built in gothic architecture Which aside from being full of beauty Inside this place is also the place used for the coronation and burial ground of the British monarch as well.

Continue with the House of parliament or Parliament Building. Originally the Westminster Palace of the Royal Family since the 11th century before, but with two internal fires, it has finally been redone into Parliament. Inside the building there are many historical items. But photography is not allowed. Admission fee is £ 25, but if it is not convenient Was able to capture only the extravagance from the outside, and close by was the Bigben Clock Tower of London and England. Which is absolutely worth taking pictures and checking in (If you don’t want to walk, take the Tube to Westminster station) then continue to visit the Churchill War Rooms, the former British War Office. In the period of World War 2, the interior is still maintained as no different from the original. And the Winston Churchill room.

Evening: Take the Tube to Charing Cross station or walk around Trafalgar square to take a picture with the smallest police station in England. And visit the architecture Especially the window at St. Martin’s Church

End the day with a visit to one of London’s most famous malls, Harrods, by taking the Tube to Knightsbridge. Before returning to the accommodation to prepare for the next trip.

Day 2

Morning: Woke up early to the Westminster pier by taking the tube to Westminster station for a Thames Clippers morning cruise. The first trip at 10:00 am costs fares of £ 5.30 and then goes up. Land at the London Bridge to see the Tower of London or the Tower of London Ranked as one of the 10 most ferocious ghosts in the world. In the past, this place was the home of British royal family. Which became a prison for high class prisoners Each building within the tower Will have its own (scary) history But the highlight is the Prasat Hin Stone. And the ancient knight’s suit There is a fee to pay 21.50 entry.

When finished, take the bus number 15 for 2.30 pounds to go to St Paul’s Cathedral, the beautiful bishop’s church in London. And is more than 1,400 years old.

Afternoon: Ride the Tube to Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, Rusell Square, Holborn. Any station can go to see the British Museum. This great museum has collected important historical evidence from the Persian period, Assyrian, Egypt, Greek, Roman. To date The distinctive feature of the interior is to divide the audience into zones. For example, in the Egyptian zone there will be mummies, cleopatra coffins Greek zone will have Parthenon, aphrodite statue In the Asian zone, ancient Buddha images are displayed. This place does not charge entry fees.

Evening: When leaving the British Museum, take the tube to Oxford Circus station to shop for high-quality brand-name products at oxford street and bond street. There will be both products and snacks to cover each other. Before closing, walk into Soho to watch a good drama or eat Four Season Roast Duck in Chinatown. Then return to the accommodation.

Day 3

Morning: recommend checking out and leaving your luggage first We then go to collect the various museums in the Kensington district by taking the tube to South Kensington. For example, Saatchi Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and strolling in Hyde Park (all are free. Free of charge Except for some exhibitions only) Or can choose only the issues that we are interested in.

Finished with a short 3 day 2 night trip to London that focuses on traveling easily. And each place is not that expensive Many places are free. But still packed with very interesting things Almost all major London districts Suitable for beginners and very limited budget people.


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