Korean professional baseball master, Venus Seone, becomes the Chief of Staff of Softbank Kudo this season

Korea Professional Baseball SK
Korea Professional Baseball SK

Kim Song-un, 77, a former coach of Korea Professional Baseball SK and coaching advisor for Japan Professional Baseball Softbank since 2018, left for Fukuoka on the 21st. Before his departure, Kim said, “I will do my best for my team. I will learn from juniors and players.” “Korean coaches will do more to make sure they are not that much.”

After joining the army’s coach meetings, Kim moves to Miyazaki for a camp starting February 1. 

He worked mainly in farms in 2018 and 2019, but will join the army this season. Already joined the army from the end of October 19, and watched the practice of the army until November 30.

According to Nikkan Sports, Softbank manager Kimiyasu Kudo introduced Kim as a coach who has performed well in Korea and knows how to win more than anyone. He wanted to hear a lot from Kim and asked the team for his army.

Kim signed a contract with SoftBank in February 2018. In the first year, he was the coach of a young coach. In the second year, coaches and coaches began to lead meetings before and after the matches of a few troops, and the number of players seeking begging increased.

This season, as a coaching advisor for the first army, he will advise Kudo and other leaders, and also teach players directly.

Mr. Kim was born in Kyoto as a Korean resident in Japan, and moved to Korea in the 1960s, where he worked as a left-handed pitcher for a business team. After his retirement, he coached six Korean professional baseball teams, leading SK to the Korean Series in 2007, 2008 and 2010.


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