Know “fibroscan”, a new liver examination technology that many people do not know yet.


FibroScan is a new technology used to diagnose liver diseases. It is used to detect fat accumulation in the liver and liver fibrosis especially.

FibroScan is a new medical term that many people may not be familiar with. Causing wonder about what it is and how important it is for medical treatment.

What is fibroscopy

Fibroscopy is a new technology used to diagnose liver disease.It is specifically used to detect fatty deposits in the liver and liver fibrosis. The examination with this method will not cause pain or risk of complications like the old examination. That requires a liver puncture method In addition, it can be examined before being sick as well. Because the more you check first Knowing before will make the treatment more timely and effective.

The working principle of fibrograph

Works using VCTETM (Vibration Controlled Transient Elastrography) technology by releasing the 50 Hz frequency that causes the skin to vibrate. Passed into the liver And measure the speed of the waves that spread through the liver with high frequency sound waves, Then the machine will process out that What is the amount of fibrosis in the liver?

For the determination of fat in the liver, the CAP (Controlled Attenuation Parameter) technique is used to measure the attenuation of high frequency sound that enters and exits the liver. If the liver has a lot of fat, it will have a high CAP.

Does the Fibroscopy examination hurt?

For the treatment with the Fibroscopy, there is no pain. Or any harm. It will only take 5-10 minutes, but while examining, it may feel a slight vibration in the skin that touches the tip of the probe. Therefore, for anyone who needs to check their liver health with a Fibro Scanner, you won’t have to worry about this. Plus, it can be repeated many times without being harmful.

Procedure for checking fibrographs

For the process of health check with Fibro Scan technology, there are simple steps. Not as complicated.

  • Subjects must lie on the bed prepared by the hospital. By lifting both arms above your own head.
  • The doctor will apply the gel to the probe. Or the skin of the person undergoing a slight examination Which is a helper to make the test results more efficient.
  • Use the Fibro Scan tool to measure the center of the liver about 10 times in the same spot.
  • Wait for the results, the doctor will translate the information from the test results and give advice. If found to have fibrosis and high fat in the liver, it will be transferred to the treatment process.

Recommendations for checking fibroblasts

  • No water and food for 3 hours before the examination.
  • Do not use to check with other organs. Because fibroblasts are designed to be used for liver abnormalities only, they should not be used for other organ tests. Because it may cause harmful effects.
  • Do not use on patients with equipment in the body such as pacemaker (Pace maker) can be measured. If it is necessary to check the liver with a fibrograph Should be under the care of a doctor.
  • For people with ascites, which have a lot of ascites Can be measured and safe for patients but will not succeed in the measurement. As the waveforms of the probe that the probe cannot scan through the abdomen.
  • For pregnant women If it is necessary to examine the liver with a fibrous scanner Should be under close medical supervision and strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

What symptoms should see a doctor To check for liver abnormalities

How will I know that Are currently suffering from liver disease, which should see a doctor for immediate examination It is advisable to observe from the following symptoms and factors.

  • Abnormal yellow eyes and pale yellow Because it may mean abnormal liver function and therefore cannot eliminate the substance that causes the jaundice.
  • Fatigue despite adequate sleep and frequent indigestion Because the liver is not able to secrete enzymes used in the digestion of food.
  • Have a family history of liver cancer because there is a high chance that other people will get sick with this disease.
  • Is a person who has been drinking chronic alcohol or is currently still drinking Because alcohol poisoning will directly damage the liver.

Fibro Scan is a tool to detect liver abnormalities using modern technology, can quickly know the results. Have a good performance Not at risk of infection Or any complications as well. Currently, the fibrograph is widely used in medicine instead of traditional methods. Therefore, if anyone has abnormal symptoms Or have a risk factor for liver disease, can be examined with a fibrous scanner and ready to treat immediately.

This article is intended to educate readers. And cannot replace the advice of a doctor Diagnosis Or can be treated Readers should see a doctor to have the doctor check at the hospital every time. And should not be interpreted by yourself or plan your treatment by reading this article, AM always tries to update the information completely.


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