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Kim Tae hee is impressed by Choi Ji Woo’s support for coffee car

Kim Tae hee
Kim Tae hee

Actress Kim Tae hee was pleased to receive a coffee car from Choi Ji Woo.

Kim Tae hee told his SNS on the afternoon of the 25th, “Ji, who prepared all the staff and actors who had a hard time shooting for the Lunar New Year holidays. Thank you very much! Please spend two New Year holidays. Have a good year. ”

The published photo shows Kim Tae-hee drinking coffee. Kim Tae-hee was pleased with the gift of a coffee car given by Choi Ji-woo and embarked on direct certification. Choi Ji Woo boasted his friendship by presenting a coffee car with a cheering message saying, “I will support Kim Tae-hee, the strongest beauty in the universe, and” High-by Mom! “”

Kim Tae Hee will return for the first time in a long time with a new Saturday / Sunday drama “High By Mama!”

On the other hand, Choi Ji Woo is getting pregnant because she has recently finished a cameo shooting of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Landing Emergency”.



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