Kim Dong Joon (former ZE: A) & actress Lee Yubi starring in the movie “Epilogue”

Kim Dong Joon
Kim Dong Joon

On the 23rd, Kim Dong Joon and Lee Yu-bi revealed that the leading role in the movie “Epilogue” (tentatively directed by Kwon Seung-kyu) was likely to be a leading role. The two are currently considering their appearance positively.

The movie “Epilogue” is a directorial debut by Kwon Seung-gyu, who wrote the script for the drama “Pek Dong Soo” and “The Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. This time, Kwon Seung Kyu will be responsible for directing and writing the epilogue.

Kim Dong Joon plays the role of fairy tale writer Kim Ji Won in the play. After Kim Ji-won meets Jin Soo-young (Lee Yubi), she begins a romantic romance like a prince in a fairy tale. Lee Yubi will act as photographer Jin Soo Young. Jin Soo Young has the special ability to see the future as she falls asleep, and finds love by meeting Kim Ji Won.

Kim Dong Joon will be the first starring romance movie in Epilogue. Kim Dong Jun, who debuted in the pop music world in 2010 as “ZE: A”, appeared in the dramas “town lawyer”, “shining ounce”, “black”, “time to stop: about time”, etc., and his acting ability was recognized. Was. Recently, he was active in the JTBC drama “Aide” seasons 1-2.

Lee Yubi has been attracting interest for the first time in about five years since the movie “20 Years Old” was released in 2015. She appeared in the dramas “Gentle Man”, “The Book of the Kuke”, “Pinocchio”, “The Night Walker”, and gained popularity. He is currently active on KBS 2TV “Dogs Are Great” and will have a fan meeting on February 8th.

The epilogue will be cranked in once the casting is confirmed.


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