Jin Young (GOT7) Casts “Yasha” for Movie “Honorable with Seniors”

Jin Young GOT7
Jin Young

Jin Young ( GOT7 ), who was cast on the Korean movie “Yasha (tentative title),” revealed his impressions of the appearance to the fullest.

Jin Young said on the 31st through his office, JYP Entertainment, “I am truly honored to be performing with a wonderful director and a respected senior. I’m nervous about acting in front of such people. “” I will do my best to fill in the parts I played in the work. ”

The movie “Yasha” is a 100% nervous intelligence action action where a special inspection is conducted in Shenyang, China, by the head of the National Intelligence Service Shenyang branch called “Yasha”.

Sol Kyung-gu is the director of the National Intelligence Service’s Shenyang branch, while Park Hess, the head of the overseas black team, has been talked about as an inspector of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, who was transferred from law school to Shenyang.

Jin Young is dressed as Jong Dae, the youngest member of the Black Team, led by Sol Kyung Gu. In addition, such actors as Yang Dong Geun, Yeel and Song Jae Rim have worked together as members of the “Black Team” to complete the dream lineup.

Director Nahyun of the movie “Prison”, which has a prominent action, takes a megaphone and announces another wonderful action movie again.

Jin Young has been performing in a variety of works since 2012, including KBS2 “Dream High 2”, JTBC “Love is Undong”, SBS “Blue Legend”, movie “Snow”, and tvN drama “Psychometry”. Was.


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