Hee-chul (SUPER JUNIOR) and Kim Dong-Jun (former ZE: A) join the SBS “Tasty Square” led by Baek Jong-Won


Hee-chul, a member of the Korean boy group “SUPER JUNIOR “, joins SBS’s variety show “Osashino Hiroba”.

Heechul has been confirmed to join Kim Dong-Joon (former ZE: A), who is a singer and actor, on SBS’s “Delicious Square” scheduled for the first broadcast in December this year. With this in mind, four male performers, including Baek Jong-Won and Yang Se-hyun, Heechul, and Kim Dong-Jun, will lead a new “Taste Square”.

Producer Lee Kwang-Won, director of Lee Kwang-Won, said on September 29 through SBS, “I have high hopes for the newly joined Hi-chul and Kim Dong-Jun. You can see the unusual chemistry of the reaction. ”

“Taste Square” is a program that develops a new menu that utilizes local specialty products and sells it at service areas, airports, railway stations, and other places where there is a large mobile population. The aim is not just to develop and sell food, but to promote consumption and improve awareness of local specialties. It is hopeful that it will give hope to farmers who are suffering from frequent typhoons and give viewers a chance to know the power of Korean produce.

SBS “Delicious Square” is scheduled to air in Korea this December.


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