“Expression pointed out” Korean women’s basketball player, feeling expulsion “I want to stop doing it”

Park Ji-soo
Park Ji-soo

Park Ji-soo (21), a Korean women’s basketball signboard player, has revealed a difficult situation on SNS.

Park Jizz revealed on his social network on the night of the 20th that his “expression” has recently been pointed out many times. “Every time I was stressed by this problem, I suffered from depression-like symptoms early in the season. Really painful … ”

“ Since I was a child, I was often told about facial expressions, so I tried to make no effort to express myself in the game and try not to protest anything. He said, “Nevertheless, if you say such words every time, such as” What’s that look? “Or” What happened? ”

“ I’m very stuffy, stressed and I really want to quit, ” said Kim Jis, “ I just play basketball and play and I’m pride in my profession, but I’m going to lose it for the reason. I want to abandon it. ”


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