Exercising with 9 alternative sports isn’t boring anymore


Exercise is boring for many people. If the normal exercise Whether running, cycling, or swimming, just for you There are many types of exercise that invite you to try. May change your mind about exercising in the same place.

1. Cycling in the water

If normal cycling isn’t fun for you Cycling in the water Considered as an alternative to the interest. Is an exercise that is considered to combine the advantages of both types of exercise, swimming And biking together Exercising in water helps to reduce shocks from regular exercise. And combined with exercise by cycling into Therefore helps to burn quite well This exercise burns up to 700 calories of energy in 45 minutes. This exercise also helps with blood pressure as well.

2. Simulated rock climbing

Is a fairly widespread exercise today This type of exercise is more secure than you think. Exercises that counteract gravity will help our bodies become more durable. In addition, simulated rock climbing Also provides benefits in terms of increasing the flexibility of the body Similar to yoga as well If anyone is tired of exercising in the flat plains, a simulated cliff is a good choice.

3. Martial art

If anyone loves to fight Practicing various martial arts Considered as a good exercise option in one place. In matters of metabolism Very popular today is a mixed martial art. Outcry exercise This method may be more risky than regular exercise. But practicing martial arts will help strengthen the body in every area And also helps with balance Balance of the body as well But practicing the martial arts Should have suitable protective equipment. And under the supervision of experts For safety

4. Alpha Gravure

Is another type of anti-gravity exercise Is an exercise mainly focused on building muscle Climbing a rope against gravity requires muscles to exercise. Therefore is an exercise that builds strength And greatly increases the endurance of our muscles It also stimulates the heart. Therefore helps to increase the rate of energy metabolism as well

5. Cardio Latte

If normal cardio Not fun for you anymore Try moving your workouts onto the trampoline. This type of exercise is called Cardio Latte Is a combination of exercises between cardio exercises With Pilates perfectly Which we will do various posture exercises on the trampoline Helps reduce shocks from exercise. This type of exercise, in addition to helping to burn energy from the body as well. Also helps in improving the personality Balance matters And also a fun exercise

6. Crossfit

Is another type of exercise that is currently popular Is a combination of cardio And playing magic together, using running, jumping, climbing, or throwing things in exercise Therefore helping both the energy metabolism and the strengthening of muscles in a single exercise This type of exercise can adjust the intensity according to the ability of the person exercising. It is an exercise that creates fun for the exercise as well.

7. Running the Trail

Is a workout with running that is currently popular Is a combination of running , hiking, and mountaineering, using more energy and muscle strength than regular runs The fun of this type of exercise is to get to a new place. And the challenge of the path But the limitations may be at the location where the route must be run But if anyone is tired of the usual new routes in the forest May help you quite well But on the trail, you have to prepare the equipment And the body to be ready rather than running flat

8. Zumba dance

Is a dance exercise that helps us to burn energy as well This type of dance can burn up to 1000 calories in 1 hour. This type of dance also helps with relaxation. Both from stress and fatigue as well. Therefore is considered exercise that is good for the body And another fun type

9. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

It is another type of exercise that is currently very popular. Is an exercise that focuses on fat burning, truly exercising Is a rather heavy exercise By using light, alternating, heavy workouts in various ratios To exercise this type should gradually increase the intensity. Should not start at the heaviest level the first time May cause injury as well.

Interesting exercise There are still many more types to choose from.

Whether yoga Or cross training in the fitness center If you are tired of exercising, changing your exercise type may help your exercise come to life again.

In addition to the traditional exercises that may make you bored Exercising too hard Or too often, can be another reason as well Therefore, we should exercise at the right level to help us love exercising more. And exercise in groups can increase the fun of exercise as well.

When we know that exercise is fun. Do not let the word boring become a hurdle. To our good health And doing important things is to not forget about nutrition, mental state and sufficient rest Will help your health be strong And able to exercise fully in the following days.

This article is intended to educate readers. And cannot replace the advice of a doctor Diagnosis Or can be treated Readers should see a doctor to have the doctor check at the hospital every time. And should not be interpreted by yourself or plan your treatment by reading this article, AM always tries to update the information completely.


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