“Doi Samer Dao” at night, watch the stars in the morning, watch the sea of ​​mist, Nan Province

Doi Samer Dao
Doi Samer Dao

On 1 October of every year The warning sign of adventure began. The curtain of the rainy season is closing down. And the story of the new sky and cold weather is about to open the curtain at “Doi Samer Dao” in Nan province

Popular travel places team wants to say that forest lovers love him should not miss, because every October 1 of every year Will be the beginning of the tourist season. The “Sri Nan National Park” will be open to reserve a tent to sleep overnight. And the outstanding highlights that tourists should not miss are Going to bed to see stars that are near “always stars” like the name of the real mountain. In addition to millions of stars that are full of skies, there is also a “sea of ​​fog”, “sunrise viewpoint”, “cold weather” and a beautiful photo corner among “Rich nature” allows us to collect images in 360 degrees.

“Doi Samer Dao” is located in Si Nan National Park, Si Sa Ket Subdistrict, Na Noi District, Nan Province. Getting here is not difficult. For anyone who has a car, can pin to “Si Nan National Park” and drive along a long route when reaching Doi Samer Dao Everyone can drive up to the top of the hill. But the parking lot will be very small Suitable for landing to unload luggage. So as not to have to bear far from below him

Keep walking up and you will start to see the view from the ridge. And the green nature But not very far, will reach the center of the way of the tent “Sri Nan National Park” prepared for tourists. This tent is for anyone who will come overnight. Should call to reserve Otherwise, barefoot may not have a mattress. The park is now open for booking. Beginning October 1

After entering the accommodation Finished storing There was plenty of time before the evening. You can walk to see the beautiful atmosphere such as “Pha Hua Sing”, see the 360 ​​degree view of Wiang Sa District or walk to find a chic location from the view of two prominent trees. Then go to take pictures with a different style And the hill area is another equally photographic corner If you choose to press the shutter from the bottom So you can see the really beautiful sky view

At night, the stars began. But didn’t come in a normal way !! Because having said that the sky is full Regardless of looking up from any angle, only “million stars” are called. The atmosphere is very good and romantic.

Above him, the weather is already cold. May I come in to get some warmth in the tent? But didn’t miss to open the tent first To watch the stars and feel pretty good feeling on top of “Mount Always a star” hotel.

This morning we chose to set an alarm clock from 5 am to get up to wash my face. Brush your teeth thoroughly Before coming to find a chic photo spot to wait for the first light of the day while watching the “sunrise at dawn” that is beyond words

Today the weather is quite pleasant for all tourists. In addition to enjoying the sunrise in the morning, also experiencing the white “sea of ​​fog” full of sky. That covers the entire area of ​​the mountain, always around the mountain Which is a sign that the winter has really come

” Doi Samer Dao “, a popular tourist destination in Sri Nan National Park. May not be the highest mountain in Thailand, because the height is only 888 meters above sea level, but the grandeur of viewing “Million stars” have to say that this place is definitely top-ranked. Importantly, forests and nature are still very fertile, perfect for a vacation in this winter. If anyone does not have a plan to travel anywhere, “Doi Samer Dao” is waiting for you to find it.


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