BTS reorganizes Corona World Tour schedule

BTS Tour Coronavirus

The group’s BTS decided to completely reschedule the world tour due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona19).

The agency’s Big Hit Entertainment announced on the 28th that it decided to completely reschedule the ‘BTS Map of the Sol Tour’ through a notice on the fan community Weavers.

Big Hit told fans, “We have temporarily suspended the entire tour schedule we have given you and decided to set a new schedule in the future.”

Big Hit said that this tour will be made by the participation of staff around the world, and the performance should also support the operation of the global logistics system. “There are some countries, regions, and cities that have improved somewhat, including Korea, but based on this, the tour will start immediately.” “It’s not an easy situation.”

“It is difficult to resume the tour in the current situation where movement between countries is greatly limited due to the performance characteristics of BTS where fans of various nationalities gather from anywhere,” he said. “It is impossible.”

“We will re-align the entire tour schedule as soon as we know when we can start the tour,” said Big Hit. “It may take a long time depending on the situation of Corona 19. I will try to do it. ”

In addition, he added, “The space of artist activity due to Corona 19 will be filled in a new way to match the New normal era.”

“We promise to provide as much transparency as possible as well as to provide additional changes and status on all matters related to the tour as much as possible,” said Big Hit. “I will do my best to prepare for a better performance in the future.” Said repeatedly.

Starting with Seoul this month, the BTS was planning to go on a stadium-scale world tour named ‘Map of the Sol Tour’. Initially, 38 concerts were confirmed in 18 cities around the world, including Korea, the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

However, as Corona 19 spread worldwide, it decided to cancel the Seoul concert in February and delay the tour of North America in March. Tickets for the tour in Europe have also been delayed for about a month.

Big Hit previously announced on the 24th of last month, “In some countries and cities, there is a high degree of uncertainty such that it is difficult to prepare for the performance normally.” Accordingly, some performances will be canceled or rescheduled.

Members of BTS recently announced that they have started preparing for a new album while sharing their current status with fans through YouTube Live.


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