BTS Jimin’s overseas fans donate to 5 groups worldwide to overcome the new coronavirus!

BTS Jimin's overseas fans donate for coronavirus
BTS Jimin's overseas fans donate for coronavirus

Jimin’s overseas fans of BTS have donated to 5 groups all over the world to overcome the new coronavirus and are attracting attention.

“JIMIN DATA”, which consists of Jimin’s overseas fans, reported the heartwarming news that he has donated to five charities around the world to support overcoming the new coronavirus.

On the 16th, “JIMIN DATA” said, “To commemorate the 50th day of Jimin’s solo song” Filter, “the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Society of Korea, the Italian Red Cross Society, the Spanish Red Cross in order to overcome the crisis of the new coronavirus.

Company, the American Red Cross Society, and a group of doctors without borders, each of which made a donation in the name of Jimin. ”

“JIMIN DATA” communicated to the countries at risk the basic necessities for the prevention of the new coronavirus and the message that we would like to provide help.
“I decided to take inspiration from Jimin, who practices sharing, and made a donation,” he explained.

Donations With the good influence of the angel Jimin, many fans of Jimin are actively participating in “Sharing Mind like # Jimin” and continue to make donations and good deeds in their own way.


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