BEST 3 story that came up with cameo master Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun

Cameo appearances that do not appear in dramas and movies for a long time, but give viewers a strong impression.

What is Kim Soo hyun’s work that has attracted a lot of attention in such a few minutes? ! ? !

1. The movie “Suspicious Girlfriend”

The last scene in the play
It appeared dashingly on a motorcycle, and
at the moment when you took off your helmet, the audience was screaming
(the reaction I actually saw in the movie theater w)


Kim Soo hyun’s
“Hotel Deluna” , which appeared in the last episode of the drama “Hotel Deluna” , has changed to “Hotel Blue Moon” and has
appeared as a new owner.

3.tvN drama “Land Emergency”

Epilogue of Episode 10. Kim Soo hyun left the strong impression of the role of the movie
as it appeared as a dongle character played in the movie “Secret Mission” and appeared in
green training.
Because he is the starring class
, everyone will be able to see even a few minutes of appearance.


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