All methods of traveling in London Be aware that you won’t be lost.

traveling in London
traveling in London

London, the capital city of England Is a place that most of the tourists have list that should be visited once in their lives. Because within this metropolis There are many historic buildings, such as Westminster Palace, which became the current Parliament building and the Big Ben Clock Tower that has stood since before World War II. A variety of knowledge museums that are free to enter, but at the same time have demonstrations of technological progress. And many modern things In addition to being outstanding in terms of tourist attractions London is another city that many foreign tourists come to study. Not even students from Thailand Because many universities in London tend to be in the Top Rank, the best university in the world always. Therefore it is not surprising that there are more foreigners living in London than any other city in England

Among the many advantages of London Including transportation with convenient public transportation Whether it’s the Underground Tube network, trams, trains, buses that are always on time. Very inexpensive Makes traveling in London convenient, fast, and very easy Which we will introduce all the travel matters in London in this article.

Traveling by London Underground

London Underground Is the main mass transportation system of London There are both underground runs And running on the ground within the same line It’s a transportation system that has been around for over a hundred years. And is also the prototype of public transportation in many countries today Open from 04.30 – 01.30 hrs., Service all 11 lines, 200 stations divided into 6 zones with prices starting from 1.60 – 4 pounds for adults. Children under the age of 11 take the subway for free.

Name recognition of a railway line May cause some confusion Advise to look at the color of the train with the map, the easiest to understand You can buy tickets at the train station counter. Traveling by London Underground Suitable for tourists who want to visit various important landmarks in the heart of London.

Travel by DLR train

For the most part, traveling by DLR trains is more focused on going out on the outskirts and the airport. DLR trains operate on 7 lines with 45 stations. Tickets can be purchased at the station as well. Most of the usage is no different from the subway. But often with newer cars And bigger and more modern subway stations that are usually older, smaller and narrower

Traveling by bus

London bus or bus Has a unique identity (And is applied in Harry. Potter as well) is to have 2 layers, but there are some lines that have only one layer because of less people There are a total of 130 lines. Tickets can be purchased at the bus stop. Or can buy with the driver (Buying tickets with the driver is a convenient way. But must prepare money to fit the fare Because if the driver doesn’t have a change You will miss the bus in that trip). The ticket characteristics of London will be a ticket. When walking in front of the car Will have a card machine to charge When going down, it will go down to the middle door instead. No one collects fare as in Thailand. The bus will operate from 05.00 – 00.30 hrs. If you use the service afterwards, it will be a Night Bus instead (fare 70 pence but is quite dangerous because it usually stops at a few stations. Sometimes have to walk on their own). The bus journey is divided into 2 zones, the zone in the center of London. There are fares throughout the line at 1. 50 pounds and outside the city zone There is a fare of 2.30 pounds throughout the line.

At the bus stops, usually there will tell which bus is coming, the latest 3 cars and will arrive in a few minutes. Makes quite convenient

Travel by taxi

If traveling to many people And want convenience Taxis can answer this problem very well. For calling a taxi in London Must observe the empty light on the roof If there is a yellow light, it means that the car is free to call. Do not be afraid of safety or afraid of getting lost. Because taxi drivers in London have to pass etiquette training And all routes in London already Fares start at £ 2.20. After passing every 108 meters the meter will rise by 20 pence after 10 pm and during the holiday season The meter price will increase a bit more. If calculated carefully Will find that taking a taxi to a nearby location will cost a lot cheaper than sitting on a tube, almost without having to walk at all

However, we recommend to take a taxi once. Especially the classic version with black color The turtle car that is unique to London.

Say that traveling in London is no different from traveling in Other. But with a lot more convenience Even if the Oyster or London Pass card is purchased, the fare will be cheaper. And for anyone wishing to rent a car to drive in London, I must say that it is very wrong because London does not encourage the use of private cars. If you want to drive, you will have to pay tolls of 7-8 pounds and can only drive in the designated areas. The parking space is limited and very expensive.


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