Actor Ki Doo-hun confirms appearance in drama “I’ve been there once”

Ki Doo-hun
Ki Doo-hun

Korean actor Ki Do Hoon has confirmed his appearance on “I’ve been there once”.

On September 21, SM Entertainment revealed that “Ki Doo-hun has decided to appear in the KBS new weekend drama” I’ve been there “as Park Hyo Shin.”

“I’ve been there once” is a drama that depicts a funny and warm story that completes the search for happiness through the process of overcoming the divorce and crisis of divorce between parents and children. Producer Lee Jae-San and Yang Hee-seung are excited about their work.

In the play, Ki Hyun Shin plays the role of Park Hyo Shin from the standing army of the national judo team, and is a part-time student at the Takkanjeong branch of the Song family. A love line with the Son’s eldest daughter, Song Gah-hee (Oh Yu-na).

Last year, Ki Doo-hun appeared on tvN’s “Asdal Chronicle” and “Catch the Ghosts”. He was able to get a good response with a variety of character expressions, and he is expected to be active in “I’ve been there once.”

On the other hand, KBS “I went once” will be broadcast as a drama following “Love is beautiful, Life is wonderful”.


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