A collection of 6 travel from Heathrow Airport to London. Cheapest, fastest, most convenient.

from Heathrow Airport to London
from Heathrow Airport to London

When traveling to London, England, most people tend to take a plane to get off at Heathrow airport, which is one of the largest international airports in the world But because this airport is located in Hillingdon, on the west side of London To get to London, you have to connect with the subway or other buses, which will have a way to get from Heathrow Airport to enter London. There are mainly 6 methods, 3 types of trains, 2 types of buses and taxis, each with the details of using the service as follows:

1. Heathrow Express train line

Is an express subway To run directly from Heathrow Airport By not stopping at any station Until arriving at the destination station in central London is Paddington station, which is a major train station. Which connects to the underground station that has 4 lines through, or if you can continue to sit in another city as well Which is most suitable for people who want to travel urgently It takes only 15 minutes to travel and there are trains leaving the station every 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for each train for too long. For fares starting from around 12 pounds to 25 pounds, depending on the time of purchase and the time that the ticket is used. Must check the webpage Advance purchase, specifying the day will be the cheapest. But still considered the most expensive, try from the taxi ever In addition, the Heathrow Express subway line will be open daily from 05:10 am – 23:25 am.

2. Heathrow Connect train line

Is another kind of express train Which will stop at the destination station as well By beginning at Heathrow Airport And stops on the way all 7 stations to the center of London Paddington station, which will take about 25 minutes to travel, who is not in a hurry to travel. Can use the service of this subway line The subway will leave the station every 30 minutes. The fare will depend on which station we get off. If getting off at Paddington, the ticket price is as high as around 10 pounds. It will be open daily from 05.30 – 00.00 hrs.

3. Piccadilly train ( blue)

Is a normal subway Resulting in the cheapest ticket price but also taking the longest time to travel Therefore suitable for people who are calm Not rush and want to save money This train will transport passengers between Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station in the heart of London. But will stop as much as 20 stops And because this train runs through many important tourist attractions Therefore being called a subway line especially for tourists Which most tourists tend to stop along the way to see the tourist attractions before continuing to enter London However, if traveling directly into the city and not going anywhere It will take approximately 1 hour to travel with a ticket price of 1.6-4 pounds. Buses depart every 5 minutes. Open every Monday-Saturday between 05.00 – 23.30 hrs. And Sunday from 07:30 – 22:30 hrs.

4. Traveling by bus

For traveling to London by bus There will be National Express coaches serving passengers between Heathrow Airport. And Victoria Coach Station, which can take a bus at Heathrow Central Bus Terminal. The journey takes about 45 minutes – 1.30 hours depending on traffic, with buses departing every 20 minutes at a fare price of just 5. Pounds per trip only Or if going to use the round trip Will have a fare of 9 pounds and open daily from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm and because traveling by bus will have views on both sides that are beautiful and very interesting. Therefore, anyone who likes to view Must use the bus service immediately.

5. Travel by Shutter Bus

The bus service that will take you to the hotel door ever. Or use the service from the hotel to the airport as well This type of bus will take approximately 40-60 minutes to travel from the airport to London, depending on how much the traffic jam. Or how many passengers there are For the service fee, it will be around 18-20 pounds per trip.

6. Traveling by taxi

Is a passenger service that is fast, convenient And meet those who want to travel urgently But don’t want to take the subway very much The taxi will take 40-60 minutes to travel from the airport to London, which costs around 45-75 pounds. However, you should only take a taxi with a meter. In order to prevent being cheated on the fare Importantly, taxis are available throughout the day and night. Therefore, if anyone comes into the plane late at night And there are no cars traveling to London Can use the taxi.


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