5 Dream Islands! Have only one day to travel near Bangkok

Koh Mak Bangkok

The sea is the aim of many people in tourism, but for those who have little time but want to find a beautiful place to visit, today we have compiled a beautiful clear water island near Bangkok.

1. Koh Mak, Trat Province

The island is still natural in the vast sea of ​​the Gulf of Thailand, the third largest island in Trat, after Koh Chang and Ko Kood.

It is about 38 kilometers from the shore. Take a speedboat from the shore for just 50 minutes. Koh Mak is shaped like a four-pointed star. Most areas are plains, coconut groves.

The surrounding area has beautiful bays, beautiful beaches and clear water. The island that is a paradise for those who love peace, but still doesn’t give up comfort if you like a peaceful getaway.

Close to the beach and the beautiful sea. Koh Mak is the best answer. An island with blue skies, clear water, white sand beaches and green coconut palms.

2. Koh Samae San , Chonburi Province

Samae San Island is located in Sattahip District, Chon Buri Province. Is an island in the care of the navy Is the island of the Plant Genetic Conservation Project due to the royal initiative

As a source of learning and tourism , ecotourism in the form of Sarn island is open to tourists in the form of one day trip only stay overnight. With the strict supervision of the island

The nature on the island is still very rich, clear blue water, beautiful and there is no garbage in the area at all and traveling here is also very easy and very budget. Only 2 days can come here.

3. Ko Kood, Trat Province

Ko Kood is the 4th largest island in Thailand, with an area of ​​105 square kilometers or approximately 65,625 rai, the length of the island is 25 kilometers, a width of 12 kilometers.

The island is still completely natural. On Ko Kood there are many beaches, all are beautiful beaches with clear water. Combined with the peaceful nature Shady with coconut trees on the beach

In addition, on Koh Kood there is a complete mangrove forest and various coral reefs. On Koh Kood there are many accommodations for tourists. Escaping chaos A boat trip to sleep on Koh Kood for one night is a good charge for yourself.

4. Koh Samet , Rayong Province

The beautiful island of Rayong People who go often say Is heaven on earth With indigo sea water, clear and clean, and with a comfortable travel Not far from Bangkok

The accommodation is abundant, this is quite convenient to travel and has many accommodation to choose from, therefore is a tourist destination. That can attract tourists continuously.

5. Underwater Park, Koh Kham, Chonburi

A small island located south of Sattahip District, about 9 km away from the shore. Travel time. By boat for about 20 minutes, Koh Kham is shaped like an H, with an area of ​​approximately 61 rai.

In Ko Kham, abundant coral reefs are scattered around the island. Beautiful and fertile coral reefs are located in the south. Which the coral reefs in this area will be

Staghorn coral, Table coral and Brain coral. In the depth of water about 3 – 6 meters, therefore suitable for Travel diving, both water surface and deep water.


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