“2PM” and “My House” MVs once again receive explosive love and become a topic, Popular without a blank period


It seems that the music video (hereafter, MV) of “My House” of “2PM” has regained a lot of interest and is hotly excited online.

“My House” is the title song of the official album Vol. 5 “NO.5” released in 2015. It is a song written and composed by member Jun.K.

After about five years, the MV of “My House” has been evaluated again on various video media such as YouTube, and it seems that it has received explosive love.

This song will remain in your ears once you hear it with refrain lyrics such as “It’s alright, let’s go to our house.

The MV that makes you feel like you’re invited to a scene in a fairy tale contains a seductive atmosphere and sexy visuals of the members, and you want to see it over and over again.

It’s incredible to hear that it’s a song released in 2015, and it’s so sophisticated that it condenses their skilled charm.

The fascinating and powerful mood that can be expressed only in 2PM boasting an unrivaled physicality such as superior height and tight physique is a masterpiece.
For these reasons, the number of views and comments on MVs has recently increased sharply and is gaining popularity.

In addition, Jikkem (directly shot video) on the stage at the time of the activity is also drawing attention. When “My House” gains a sensational popularity, “2PM” shows a topic that does not feel a blank period, such as calling out “ADTOY” announced in 2013.

On the other hand, “2PM” has been enlisted in order to fulfill its national defense obligations and has been inactive since 2017. There is an increasing demand for a comeback of “2PM”, which is at the center of the topic even during military service.


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