22 Beautiful places to traveling That has to be done once in England

Traveling England
Traveling England

Those who want to try traveling in Europe once, but do not know where to start. Please come to visit England as well, because there are many valuable tourist attractions, history that has been registered as a World Heritage site in many places. Including a modern tourist destination as well Travel is quite convenient. Because the emphasis is mainly on the use of trains And the language used is already a familiar language like English, which we have compiled 22 places that should not be missed when visiting England Try to consider

1. Tower of London

Tower of London, Royal Palace, Jail, Treasure Place Historic site All in one place, which is the Tower of London. Inside there are important buildings. Many of them have a rather brutal history. It is not surprising that this place is said to be one of the most “fierce spirits”, especially the White Tower or the White Tower. Built in 1078 during the reign of William the Conqueror Also, don’t miss the museum that holds valuable royal treasures. Whether it’s a diamond crown Ancient knight costume Including joining the trip with Yeoman Warders, a former lifeguard Who became a tour guide

Location: London

How to get there: Tube Tube get off at Tower Hill Station or Bus No. 15, get off at Tower of London Station

2. Roman bathhouse And the house of the Georgian period (The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath )

Bath is a small town. That is of historical significance Because there is a beautiful Roman architecture that is The Roman Baths, or Roman outdoor baths that are more than 2,000 years old and is said to be the first spa in the world and the surrounding area is the dwellings that With a Georgian style that is very eye-catching Perfect for walking or biking around the city on very good days.

Location: Abbey Chambers, Abbey Churchyard, Bath

Getting there: Take the train from Paddington Station to get to Bath Spa straight away.

3. Stonehenge (the Stonehenge )

Stonehenge 1 in 7 of the world’s medieval wonders And is a European monument that many people know well Therefore, there are tourists pouring in to visit each other always to the full limit of the tourists receiving each day. Stonehenge consists of 112 large stones, estimated to have been built between 3,000 – 1,500 BC. While still not being able to find an answer to what it was created for And what method is used to lift the stones and arrange them together And with this astonishment that attracts many tourists each year

Location: Shrewton, Wiltshire

Getting there: Take the train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury and continue by bus. Or take the bus from Victoria Coach Station to Amesbury and walk for 2 miles

5. Museum of the British Museum

The British Museum is a must-see. Because this museum Has included historical treasures That cannot be assessed from every corner of the world Since the Persian period, Assyrian, Egypt, Greek, Roman, and Asian. The interior has been divided into zones such as the Egyptian zone Cleopatra’s Coffin Egyptian mummies, both humans and animals Including the sculptures of the Assyrian If it is a Greek zone, there will be a Parthenon The statue of Aphrodite in Asia will include ancient Buddha images from India and Cambodia. Including antique jewelry from Thailand And should not be missed is the Rosetta Stone, which is the prototype of the Egyptian stone inscription.

Location: Great Russell Street, London

How to get there: Tube Electric train get off at 4 stations: Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, Rusell Square and Holborn then walk into the museum.

6. Zoo Chester (Chester This of Zoo )

Chester Zoo is located in Upton, not far from Chester. The Chester Zoo is said to be one of the best zoos in Europe. And has the most people viewing in England. Inside there are more than 11,000 animals, 400 species with an area of ​​more than 125 acres, so the zoo has organized a tour by using trams. Which will pass important sites such as chimpanzees, penguins and European simulated forests

Location: Cedar House, Caughall Road, Chester

Travel: There is a X8 bus pass.

7. Big Ben clock tower

Big Ben is the most famous landmark in England that tourists have to visit.When visiting England in the past, this clock tower was built to be the clock tower of Westminster Palace using Victorian and Gothic architecture. Can tell the time in all 4 directions. It is the largest time clock in the world. And is a standard timekeeping of the Greenwich Observatory Via BBC radio stations

Location: Westminster, London

Getting there: Tube train gets off at Westminster station.

8. Tower of London, Parliament (the Houses Of Parliament This )

The Houses of Parliament in the past used to be the Westminster Palace of the British royal family since the 11th century. But with the occurrence of two fire accidents, it has been renovated and changed to Parliament today. The interior is full of beautiful architecture, such as the royal family room, Westminster Hall that does not allow photography. But definitely worth visiting

Location: Westminster, London

Getting there: Tube train gets off at Westminster station.

9. Oxford University Oxford University

The University of Oxford , the oldest university in the world Within the university, it consists of colleges that are part of more than 30 universities, each of which has a diverse range of subject areas and programs. Famous places include Balliol College, Christ Church, Hertford College, New College, Worcester College, Trinity College etc. With the modern education system here. For this reason, many world-renowned people come to study at this university. It can be said that the city is truly a center of learning.

Location: Oxford City

Travel: Oxford railway station

10. Park the District’s Lake (the District to National, Park’s Lake )

With more than 900 square miles of space, the Lake District National Park has become a very popular vacation destination for tourists. Inside the canal is more than 2,000 miles long and has the highest Scafell Pike in England. Including outdoor activities To do within many park boundaries

Location: Murley Moss, Oxenholme Road, Kendal

Getting there: Train from London Euston to Oxenholme Lake District Station.

11. Church of Canterbury, (Cathedral, Canterbury)

This church is located in the center of Canterbury and is registered as a World Heritage Site. The residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury was built in 597 when St. Augustine became the first bishop. In addition to being a very beautiful church, the area is also full of tourist attractions, galleries and cafes.

Location: 11 The Precincts, Canterbury

Getting there: Train from St. Pancras to Canterbury West or take the Charing Cross to Canterbury East.

12. War (War is, Churchill Rooms is )

Churchill War Rooms Museum is a museum about the world that should not be missed. Since the interior was actually the battle commander of England Which has been simulated using internal locations Including Winston Churchill’s bedroom and a variety of weapons Although the interior may be somewhat cramped But it also creates the feeling of being at war as well

Location: Westminster, London

Getting there: Tube train, get off at Westminster station.

13. Eden Project Project

The Eden Project is a project that combines plants from around the world. The prominent feature is the giant greenhouse dome that resembles Igloo. Inside which contains more than 1,000 species of plants And there is also an area for displaying plant growth.

Location: Bodelva, Cornwall

Getting there: Train from Charing Cross to get off at Eden station. Take the bus for 30 minutes.

14. Cotswolds city

A small area not far from the city of London The area of ​​this place is characterized by mountainous terrain and grasslands. And surrounded by an ancient English village Therefore makes it extremely beautiful and romantic And should not be missed is the honey colored stone hut The older huts that are more than 700 years old can only be seen here. If you really want to travel around, it is best to buy tours from London.

Location: Alexandra Warehouse, Llanthony Road, Gloucester

Getting there: Train from Paddington Station to Moreton-In-Marsh.

15. West End Theater District

If America has Broadway, England will have West End, a neighborhood for theater and British music. Before becoming a theater in the past, this place used to be a space for the upper classes to live in. Because it is not far from Westminster Palace but if you don’t want to see the drama Can still explore the surrounding area Because there are galleries, museums, zoos, and delicious restaurants to try.

Location: Soho, London

Getting there: Tube trains get off at Leicester Square station.

16. National Art Gallery (to National Gallery)

Anyone who likes art. Do not miss the visit to British art galleries at all. Because there are more than 2,000 images on display at this place, some of which are very old. Equivalent to the Sukhothai period of our home But which is the most highlight Would be a picture of Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso and if going during the festival Outside the gallery Will also be an outdoor concert hall

Location: Trafalgar Square, London

Getting there: Tube trains get off at Charing Cross Station.

17. The Royal Air Force Museum London

The Royal Air Force Museum is another museum that is worth a visit. Because it collects more than 100 British aircraft that were served in the world war. The interior is divided into 5 zones, such as the historical zone Key event zones of the plane Aircraft factory zone Bomber Zone And the highlighted zone is The Battle of Britain, where the “Spitfire” aircraft are the planes that beat the most mighty Nazi air force in World War 2.

Location: Grahame Park Way, London

Getting there: get off at the Colindale station

18. Warwick Castle

If you want to study history in the Middle Ages About how the knights and the nobles lived Have to try this castle. Warwick Castle is located on the Avon River, more than 900 years, which today is often held a knight festival to commemorate and excite the tourists often.

Location: Warwick Castle, Warwick

Getting there: Train from London Marylebone to Warwick Station.

19. Tate Modern Art Museum

Tate Modern is a modification of a large old building to create a gallery showing works of modern art such as paintings, sculptures, movies, paper art, etc. There are also exhibitions by famous artists. World class names like Picasso, Rothko, and Dali.

Location: Bankside, London

Travel: Tube train, get off at Southwalk Station.

20. National Theater in London (to National Theater Of London)

National Theater of London , this theater Is a theater that is ranked 1 in 3 of the best theaters in England Because there is a show called everything real Whether it is the scene, picture and sound, the drama that is shown Is often a famous drama like Shakespeare’s Hamlet Sometimes there will be Pinocchio And Robin Hood to watch together too And if going up on the roof of the theater Will be able to look at the whole view of London Both during the day and night

Location: Upper Ground, London

Travel: Tube train, get off at Waterloo Station.

21. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a famous palace in England. It is the residence of the King. The Windsor Palace in Berkshire is an architectural exhibition of relationships. Of each period

Getting there : Travel to and from London is easy with the National Rail at London Waterloo station, get off at Windsor & Eton Riverside station, or can come from the station of Paddington and get off at Windsor Castle Station.

22. London Eye Ferris Wheel

London Eye , England landmark Not far from the Big Ben Clock Tower. The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel that is 135 feet tall, with only one strong steel frame. Inside the cable car for tourists to see It will be a capsule that can hold up to 20 people. One visit takes about 30 minutes, which will see the impressive panoramic view of London.

Location: London

Getting there: Tube train, get off at Westminster station.

Not less interesting, right? With 22 beautiful tourist spots that must be visited once in England. Therefore, anyone visiting London Do not miss to visit to see it.


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