12 places to visit in Thailand Must try to open one’s mind once

places to visit in Thailand
places to visit in Thailand

Thailand has thousands of beautiful and challenging destinations for people who like to travel. Try to open the view to the Thai tourist attractions that have to try once in your life Where will it be? Let’s see.

1. Khao Chang Phuak Kanchanaburi

“Khao Chang Phuak” is located in Thong Pha Phum National Park. Kanchanaburi It is a peak with a height of 1,249 meters above sea level. Is a beautiful hiking path Is a sparse forest interspersed with grassland The highlight here is walking on the “ridge edge”, the most beautiful and scary ridge.

2. Khlong Sakaew Krabi province

Clear water stream in the middle of the green forest until receiving the nickname “Amazon Jungle Krabi” is located at the mountain pool, Village No. 1, Khao Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province. The interior consists of 7 pools that are surrounded by green nature and provide shade for tourists.

3. He surrounds the hat Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

An adventurous place, challenge your courage With famous tourist attractions in Mueang District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province For tourists to climb altitude Conquer your heart up to see the 360 ​​degree view of Ao Manao, a beautiful view point that must be experienced once in a lifetime.

4. Chomdao Beach, Ubon Ratchathani Province

“Chomdao Beach” is another landmark of Ubon Ratchathani province. Located in the village of Non Tan, Natal district is a rocky beach, rocky rock, large and very long hundreds of meters. Which caused the formation of a strange amorphous stone, like three thousand waving, to be given the nickname “Mini Grand Canyon in Thailand”

5. Samed Nang Chi, Phang Nga Province

Is a hot tourist destination in Phang Nga province A heavenly viewpoint that has to experience the morning sun and watch the sun set in the evening. Try once and you’ll be hooked.

6. Sea of ​​Mist, Ayers Weng, Yala Province

The most beautiful sea viewpoint in the south and top of Thailand, located at Ayey Weng Subdistrict, Betong District, Yala Province, in the area of ​​Khao Microwaves, at 32 kilometers higher than 2,038 feet above sea level. Full of watching the thick sea of ​​mist in the morning and see the 360 ​​degree viewpoint at the top of Gunung Selipat (Gunungsali), the main highlight here.

7. Thung Bua Daeng, Udon Thani Province

“Red Lotus Sea” is located in Kumphawapi district. Udon Thani Province Natural water resources are rich in fish species, bird species and many water plants, with red lotus flowers blooming in the morning, full of water sources. Beautiful colors that should be found

8. Khao Luang, Sukhothai Province

Tourist attractions for tourists In order to conquer the beauty Enjoy the beautiful nature until you are stunned. “Khao Luang” is located within Ramkhamhaeng National Park. Is the highest peak in Sukhothai With an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, consisting of 4 peaks, namely, Phra Chedi Mountain Peak The peak of Phra Mae Ya, the peak of Phu Ka and the top of Narai

9. Snake Canal, Kanchanaburi

Snake Creek National Park Located at Thong Pha Phum district Kanchanaburi Adventure attractions that are abundant in nature. And consists of many caves that should be explored such as Sao Hin Cave, Swallow Cave, Waterfall Cave and Great Cave.

10. Hin Sam Whan, Bueng Kan Province

A beautiful viewpoint of the northeast region, with enormous stones lined up like 3 whales. Parents are swimming happily. Therefore known as the “Sam Whale Rock” as a spot to watch the sunrise in the morning Able to stand and admire the scenery of Phu Wua Forest And the surrounding area

11. Thee Lor Su Waterfall, Tak Province

The waterfall that is reputed to be the most beautiful and largest waterfall in Thailand. And famous as the 2nd place among the best waterfalls in Asia That has the beauty of abundant nature Located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary

12. Nam Tok Pi Tu Gro, Tak Province

Decorated with a heart shaped waterfall With the highest in Thailand A glimpse of the waterfall line on Doi Mango thirty thousand Located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Umphang District, Tak Province, a wonderful beauty in the big forest that must be tried once.

Because Thailand has many beautiful places waiting for you to see many more. Try to open your mind and open your eyes and experience the beauty of tourist attractions in Thailand.


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