11 ideas for souvenirs from England. Popular, luxurious, good-looking, inexpensive.

souvenirs from England
souvenirs from England

This time it’s the shopping queue and souvenirs from England to give to people at home. But do not know what to choose in order to be satisfied Because in England there are many souvenirs that are all worth buying We therefore recommend 11 souvenirs from England that are popular with tourists at an affordable price but with premium quality. Able to make a great impression on those who receive it Or even use by yourself Eat also should not be missed as well.

1. Souvenir from Harrods Department Store

Anyway, come to Harrods Department Store and try to buy a teddy bear to give to lovers at home. Because the Harrods teddy bears are famous souvenirs in England that tourists are well known for. Available in teddy bears only, or wearing cute clothes such as the red lifeguard uniform, police uniform and the unique Scottish piper dress in England. For a starting price of just 10 pounds only Aside from the cute teddy bears that you can buy as souvenirs, the Harrods pen is another option that you can’t miss. Which though seems normal in many people’s minds But let’s say that it is not unusual for people to receive as souvenirs for sure. If you don’t believe it, try to buy it for someone at home.

2. British brand-name products

England has many fashion brand names that are famous and famous in the world. From high-end luxury brands such as Burberry, Mulberry, Paul Smith, to high street brands such as Topshop, Fed Perry, Newlook or Riverisland, of course, the products from these brands will certainly be cheaper than in Thailand. Even if the product is on sale, it will be much cheaper than usual. Products from brands are another thing that many people visiting England have to buy back as well.

3. Gift of Harry Potter

Guests at the birth place of the famous novel, Harry Potter commercially. Not to buy souvenirs on Harry to do. I know that people are waiting for a leave of them, Harry had to rush to the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio located on James Street about a gift, Harry. More than 200 potters will be common items like key chains, hats, shirts or wacky items like wands. Quidditch Trophy To toys from Fred and George’s shops are also available Salons from 3 pounds up to 110 pounds.

4. Snacks from Mark & ​​Spencer

For those who want a souvenir as a dessert Then go to the old Mark & ​​Spencer shop of England for a long time Although there are many branches in Thailand But the products in England must already have more to choose from There are many kinds of desserts, such as biscuits, chocolates, jelly, wafers, macarons, and so on. So let’s walk and try them. So will know what is the most delicious.

5. Chocolate Shop Poundworld

I don’t know why when going abroad, there is a tradition of buying chocolates. Also coming to England We may hear the acquaintances reckon that Have to find some chocolate If this is the case, go to Poundworld, a collection of famous sweets and chocolates. Many at a very cheap price. For example The Toblerune triangle chocolate, which is almost the size of a ruler, is only 1 pound. Still find souvenirs as jelly sweets Cookies at the same price.

6. Vitamins and supplements from Holland & Barrett

Another type of souvenir that is popular with tourists. It is the vitamins and supplements from Holland & Barrett. This is the most prominent is the vitamin C powder. That can be mixed with different creams to add radiance to the face There are also many types of vitamin supplements that Thailand does not sell. Especially vitamins for exercise Anyone who has Healthy friends should not miss this type of souvenir.

7. Knight Costume

For those who like to study history Probably familiar with the Middle Ages that ruled London for some time This era is well known in the era of knights. So it’s not strange to have knight-sold products as souvenirs such as key chains, fridge magnets Knight shaped teapot To the actual knight’s helmet and knight’s outfit May be a strange thing And had to go to buy at Buckingham Palace But there are many tourists who are interested and bought back a lot Until the British government was still amazed.

8. A souvenir from the English Premier League football team

It can be assured that if you are a fan of the football team, getting the souvenir from your favorite football team is absolutely perfect. Especially if bought from the club’s stadium, so it’s even more awesome Especially football shirts that even come to buy at Still have a fairly high price Is starting from 30-70 pounds depending on the team and name of players purchased But if really can’t fight, you can find souvenirs of other football teams such as scarves, keychains, glasses, or soccer balls. Suggest to buy at the football stadium of the team (such as Old Trafford of Manchester, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium) have the opportunity to get a player’s signature as well. Try to choose pieces that are not sold in Thailand. Will get the best of each other.

9. Key ring or Magnet pattern UK

Although traveling and buying key chains or magnets to come together, it will look a bit tense. But there are still people who like and collect it anyway You can find it at many souvenir shops located beside the British Museum for just 1 pound per piece. Whichever type you like, choose it. Or to take the shape of the Big Ben clock tower.

10. English Tea

It is already known that Britons like to drink tea very much, even with Tea break almost all the time. Tea that the British tend to drink. Is Earl Gray tea, Darjeeling tea, Ceylon tea and many others. Try picking these teas to leave to someone at home, it is a bad idea. Can be bought at the Harrods mall, but if wanting luxury It’s recommended to buy at Buckingham Palace, starting from 3 pounds or more.

11. Postcard in England

In case you have a lot of friends Until unable to buy things at a free price Must find a way out by buying postcards for tourist attractions in England to leave immediately There are many postcards to choose from. And not difficult to find The area around the shops near the tourist attractions. In museums or even some cafes for sale Each sheet is less than 1 pound. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. But if anyone does not want their own poster to be the same as others It’s worth checking out Covent Garden and Paperchase, as there are always new and unique souvenirs.

For anyone traveling to England And still can’t think of an inability to choose what to buy as a gift for people at home Try choosing a gift from 11 ideas souvenirs from England that we have recommended and you will definitely not be disappointed. As well as being impressed with the person you brought the gift to And besides that we have already suggested In England, there are also many souvenir products to choose from.


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