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Monetize every impression.

With a range of ad formats, with Atlan Media™ monetize every impression.

We have access to all top Ad Exchanges, RTB Platforms, and Ad Networks worth working with. All others are junk. OpenX, Epom Market, Google Ad Exchange, AppNexus - the list goes on. Access more than 5m live ads on a daily basis, with all the IAB ad sizes you could dream of.

Atlan Media's Real-Time Bidding platform enables Publishers to display highly targeted, premium ads from Advertisers that are explicitly interested in their audience. RTB significantly improves the effectiveness of Publishers’ inventory monetization by giving Advertisers the opportunity to participate in an auction for their highly valued impressions. Each time a banner is to be shown to a user on your website, our Real-Time Bidding platform will analyze the available banners from our Advertisers and show your visitors the ones that will bring you the most revenue.

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Boost your revenue with premium advertisers from across the world.

Publishers working with Atlan Media™ are able to benefit from working with an exceptionally wide range of premium advertisers in every vertical. Atlan’s Real-Time Bidding functionality provides Publishers with the highest eCPM rates and advertisements that will be relevant to their websites and valuable to their audience.

We pay on a Net15 basis to your chosen payment method. We offer highly competitive CPMs for remnant inventory on the market for all countries & verticals.

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