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Complete Ad Buying Solution.

All in one solution for digital media buyers & agencies.

Atlan Media™ represents or can access 80% of comScore 100 publishers. Place your ads on top websites and in many of the most popular iOS and Android applications from around the world. Atlan Media™ works with a large roster of Publishers in every vertical and from all over the world, which allows for very precise and effective targeting.

The Atlan Media™ platform is one of the most robust and scalable platforms on the market. Use features such as mass uploads, campaign export/import, and extensive targeting functionality to launch, run, and manage large ad campaigns. CPM/CPC/CPA/CPI/Native are the methods we work with, and all types of creatives.

We understand that a personal and professional approach to support and account management is important to the success of our clients, which is why we approach each campaign individually and provide guidance that will improve ad performance and campaign effectiveness.

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Core Ad Buying Features.

All ad types & sizes, targeting & retargeting, pricing & budgets, reporting.

Ad Types & Sizes
Atlan Media™ supports basically every ad type currently on offer in the market today. Desktop Banners, Text, and Video Mobile & App Banners, Text, and Video, Smart Watches, Email Marketing.

Targeting & Retargeting
Atlan Media™ offers its Advertisers & Agencies a wide range of targeting and retargeting options, ensuring that your budget is being spent effectively and efficiently. Display your ads in the right place, at the right time, to the right people.

Pricing & Budgets
As we work with top buy-side ad exchanges - pricing is up to you. We do not set a minimum price for CPC or CPM campaigns. Pricing is and will always be your call - full control is in the hands of the paying party (as it should be!). Whether you have a small budget of a few hundred dollars, or a few millions dollars, Atlan Media™ is the place to make your ad buys.

And last but never the least: reporting. We offer complete up-to-the-hour reporting that can be broken down into segments, verticals, country, OS, internet connection. If you need to analyze it, Atlan Media™ reporting is perfect for you.

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